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SMJ Construction is a general contractor's firm that is capable of dealing with a wide range of interior work. We have served in the New York, New York Metropolitan area, and New Jersey for more than a decade thus far and have managed various projects ranging from simple open spaces to finely decorated offices, showrooms, galleries, banks, restaurants, residential, and schools.

Many of our customers acknowledge our company as one of a kind that can complete the job within a tightly scheduled time frame and a given budgetary limit.

This reputation is rooted not only in our connections with various suppliers who help us to find the same materials cheaper and quicker but also on our work quality. Our well-coordinated work schedule with sub-contractors allows for an efficient job progression.

Our office members are knowledgeable about all the technicalities and regulations of Department of Buildings and Fire Department. Thus, they can follow up on the entire procedures step by step until the job is officially signed-off. In addition, our well maintained high-end insurance policy satisfies most selective buildings in New York and New Jersey areas. You can rest assured that our jobsite managers and crews are well trained through OSHA construction safety training program so that they can handle any issues and emergencies properly and promptly.

Thanks to all these high standards, we have clients such as CITY MD, Rainbow Daycare Center, Coffee Bean, Madison Capital and many more. For collaborating building management companies, there is Nick Kim, Executive director from Trans western and Helen Hwang, VP from Cushman and Wakefield.

If you have any questions, we can be reached anytime at 201-482-8030 or via e-mail at info@smj.net. Please feel free to make an appointment with us to visit any of our job sites or to contact the clients of our past or on-going projects. We look forward to your business with us.


What we can do BETTER
Than Competitors

• Client Satisfaction
• Prompt Project Delivery
• Clear and Reasonable Budget Estimation
• Design Understanding
• Construction Details
• Highly Skilled Construction Team


• Diverse Experience
• Confidence
• Responsibility
• Outstanding Knowledge
• High Productivity
• Good Leadership

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